Radical Hat-Burning Nurses Unite!

The linked post was written by blogger/writer/inspiring professor-at(in my opinion)-a-disappointingly-conservative-nursing-school Josephine Ensign on her blog “Medical Margins.”  Josephine’s post touches on current manifestations of radical nursing (e.g. Rebellious Nursing! conference) and reflects on the progress (no more nursing hats!) and lack of progress (pretty much everything else) nurses have made over the past few decades. It is an excellent look at the history and future of what now appears to be a burgeoning movement! Below is the first paragraph, but go check out Josephine’s blog and read the entire post here… Radical Hat-Burning Nurses Unite!

“Radical nurses are back, or perhaps they never left and are just becoming more visible, more organized. The photo here is of my nurse’s cap-wearing trained seal mascot given to me by a friend in nursing school–who promptly dropped out of school because she was too radical for them.”